Family sauna

There is room for 6 people in our new family sauna and in the sitting area there is room for 10 people.

Prices Staying Customers from outside
Couples (or assistant and client/patient) 32€/2h 40€/2h + spa entrance fees
Family 50€/2h 80€/2h + spa entrance fees
Groups 150€/3h, next hours 50€/h + spa entrance

Additional cost: towels, swimming suits, bathrobes, slippers and so on.

infrared sauna

The warmth of the infrared sauna is the same as the warmth from the sun. When used regularly infrared sauna is good for your joints, skin and circulation of blood.

Open daily between 11 – 20

(between January-May and September-December open between 11 – 17 on Sundays)

One person / 30 min 17€
Two persons / 30 min 30€
5 turns 30min/turn 75€/pp
10 turns 30min/turn 140€/pp

You can also pay with liikunta-, kulttuuri-, Tyky- and virikeseteli!