Our spa-etiquette contains practical information and it was written just for you so you could have a successful spa experience. We hope that you take a moment to briefly explore the offered advices in the spa etiquette. We wish you relaxing moments!

Booking the treatment

  • Treatments should be booked while booking the spa holiday, because then you will have the most influence to the treatment time.
  • Feel Good Treatments can be booked either by telephone (02) 628 5300 or using our Internet-based booking system. When you are staying at the hotel and don’t have reservations for spa treatments you can also make reservation at the hotel’s front desk. You can buy gift certificates to the desired treatment as well as euro denominated certificates.
  • When booking a treatment please make sure that you don’t have any health obstacle (sickness, pregnancy, plastic surgery operations etc.).
  • When you make the reservation, remember to say if you definitely want either female or male caretaker.
  • Inquire also treatments designed for children and youth.
  • Treatment descriptions you can find from our website and in front of the Spa.
  • On Sundays and public holidays treatment prices increase 20 %.

Cancellation Policy

  • Treatment cancellations free of charge up to 24 hours before the reserved time.
  • From irreversible treatment time we will charge the price of the treatment.

Preparing for treatment

  • Before arriving to the treatment you may use the sauna or take a shower so that the care products will absorb efficiently and can affect on your skin as long as possible.
  • You may come to treatment wearing just your underwear, bathrobe that you will find from your hotel room and slippers. During the massages we will cover you with towel so that only the treated area is currently on display.
  • Entering the bath, you do not need to have a swimsuit, room will be just in your use.
  • Do not consume alcohol prior you arrival to the treatment. The caretaker has the right not to carry out the reserved treatment. In this case your treatment time will be read as a cancelled treatment (see the cancellation policy).
  • Jewelry and contact lenses are good to take off during the treatment. This way your treatment will become more pleasant.
  • If you cannot leave your mobile phone in the hotel room, please put the phone on silent.

Arrival to treatment

  • We want to provide our customers with a relaxing treatment experience, so we appreciate silence in our spa area.
  • The hotel reception will guide you with matters concerning the Feel Good Centre.
  • Arrive to the waiting area, next to the gym, 10 minutes before the treatment so that you’ll have time to calm down, drink glass of water and read magazines.
  • In the Feel Good Centre you don’t need to sign up.
  • If you will be late, your treatment time will shorter with the amount of your delay time. If you are late more than 15 minutes your treatment will be automatically cancelled.

During the treatment

  • To find a safe and right type of treatment for you, it is important that you tell your caretaker if you are pregnant or if you have allergies or diseases.
  • During the treatment caretaker may not discuss with you but allows you to relax during the treatment. At anytime you may open the conversation by yourself and ask the caretaker questions about the different stages of treatment.
  • Tell, if something bothers you during the treatment (for example temperature, intensity of massage, music, etc.) We want to treat you well.
  • Check whether you should be out in the sun the same day you have your treatment.
  • On the day of treatment your metabolism will increase so it is good to drink water more than usual to maintain the Good Feeling.

Entering the spa

  • Entering the Mermaid spa, take the bathrobe and/or towel with you from your hotel room. Bathrobes are available only to adult guests staying at the hotel. Children have access to a towel.
  • Wristbands to locker-room’s lockers are available at the hotel reception; you may get the wristband before entering the spa and return it after the use back to the reception.
  • You may buy slippers for adults and children from the hotel reception.
  • The spa must be used with caution and you need to have respect for the other people around you.
  • Children under 14 years old are allowed to use the spa only with an adult.

In the sauna and pool area

  • It is better to leave jewelry in the locker room. Valuables can be deposited in the reception.
  • Locker room and shower facilities, as well as the Finnish sauna have been divided for men and women. It is not allowed to use swimsuit in the Finnish sauna.
  • The Turkish bath is for both men and women. The use of swimsuit is not allowed in the Turkish bath so you can wrap up in a towel.
  • You must use seat covers in the sauna. You can bring with you your own or use disposable seat covers available in the shower room.
  • Take a shower and wash your hair before you go to the pool area.
  • Help us save water and remember to turn off the shower.
  • If you have long hair use a ponytail in the pool area.
  • You can go to sauna before and after the swimming, whatever you like.
  • There is a water point in the Finnish sauna for steam.
  • Babies must also have a swimsuit and the use swimming diaper is mandatory. You can purchase disposable swimming diapers from the reception for 2 €/pc. In case of damage we will charge 350 € for the closing and cleaning of the pool area.
  • Under 10-year-old child can go with a parent to women’s/men’s locker room.
  • The use of swimming shorts is allowed at the spa.
  • Missing items you can ask from our reception, (02) 628 5300 tai info@yyterinkylpyla.fi.
    We´ll take lost items to Satakunnan Löytötavaratoimisto on Tuesdays, tel. 0600-14111.
  • Remember to drink water after swimming and sauna.