Yyteri, the centre of Pori, Kaanaa, Mäntyluoto, Reposaari and Pihlava offer travelers different services and unique experiences amongst beautiful nature. The common factor with most of the areas is the proximity of the sea.


In Yyteri you have many possibilities in your free time. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel, you’ll find a 6 kilometer long beach that is one of Finland’s and Scandinavia’s most beautiful beaches. You can spend your day relaxing in the sun, jogging walking along the waterfront or skiing and having fun in slading hills, brave ones can try windsurfing and little ones can make sand castles or collect seashells from the water.

The Refresh Hotel reception offers you the ability to borrow a variety of items to play with at the beach, such as frisbee golf equipment, petanque balls, cards, balls, etc. We also rent bikes for few hours or even for a whole day. The hotel also has a Feel Good Centre at your disposal. You can relax for example in massage or facial, gym opens with your room keycard and after sports it is nice to take a dip in the pool with massaging showers. After a relaxing day, our restaurant offers many options for larger or smaller appetites.

Yyteri Surf Centre meets the international standards and offers their customers windsurfing whether you are a beginner or experienced windsurfer. Those who are interested in horses can take advantage of the Hevospankki horse stable. This company offers the opportunity to lead the horses, ride, or if you wish to do cross-country walks. Another provider of equine activities is Yyterin ratsastuskeskus, located just four kilometers from the The Refresh Hotel, in a historic Yyteri mansion. At the Yyteri dunes you’ll find a water slide that is one of Finland’s longest.

Golf opportunities in Yyteri are very good and the course is close by. The 18-hole Yyteri Golf is located just a few kilometers away from The Refresh Hotel. The golf club restaurant, The 19th Hole, serves its customers through the year. Top Camping Yyteri offers travelers the opportunity for various activities. Ilmari Holmlund from Pori launched Yyteri naturist beach which also welcomes visitors.

Yyteri can be enjoyed throughout the whole year. Pori is known to be southern Finland’s best bird watching location and it is ideal place for a bird hobby. During the spring, Preiviiki bay and its estuary rapidly fill out with spring’s first birds and while spring progresses; you can see thousands of water birds eating on daily basis at the Meri-Pori waters. Yyteri delta and its surrounding areas have a rich variety of bird watching towers and other bird watching locations.

During the school holidays The Refresh Hotel offers guided program for children. During the spring and fall Finland’s variable climate provides refreshing moments for jogging along the water front or enjoying the nature while walking along the nature trails.

Spring and fall in particular, also offer a unique experience with windsurfing. During the winter you have an excellent opportunity to go tobogganing in Yyteri dunes, enjoy the snowy winter day skating or skiing with family and friends and after the day to enjoy spa treatments or go to the Mermaid spa for a swim.

At The Refresh Hotel you have an opportunity to organize well-being days for employees to strengthen the team spirit at its best, Christmas parties for small or larger groups and birthdays with the family. At the hotel you can also enjoy the unique Christmas atmosphere.

Pori center

Pori is located about 20 kilometers from Yyteri. Pori offers a wide range of services, as well as things to see and to do. Especially popular among families is Kirjurinluoto which is easily accessible by car or walking along the bridge. In Kirjurinluoto you will find playgrounds for children at different ages, Goose park garden exhibition and also a summer theater. Also located in the center of Pori is tourism info Maisa, museum, shopping mall, cafes, etc and the beautiful Pori theater.


Kaanaa is located right next to Yyteri, only about 2, 5 kilometers away. In Kaanaa you will find the Meri-Pori areas fire station as well as the nearest grocery store. Kaanaa’s most popular attraction is the water tower, which was completed in 1963. The water tower is now called an observation tower and it is operated by Ohjelmamestarit. The Observation tower offers you a chance to admire the spectacular view from 63 meters in height. The premises also have a restaurant and café during the summer. The Observation tower also offers the opportunity to climb along its outer wall.


Mäntyluoto is approximately five kilometers away from Yyteri and is a small village with beautiful wooden villas. Storming sea will be seen within walking distance and one of the most beautiful natural attractions is Kallo. Kallo is composed of two roads and rocks linking. Located near Kallo is an almost 10 meter high lighthouse which is a beautiful attraction.

The other attraction in Mäntyluoto is the Mäntyluoto hotel, which is now operated as a museum and event space. Mäntyluoto hotel is often used for weddings and other celebrations. The hotel was built in the 1920’s. There is a wind farm located along the road from Mäntyluoto to Reposaari. Wind farm construction began in 1999, and windmills surround the road with their magnificent wings. If you have a pet dog with you on your vacation, you can find beach for dogs in Mäntyluoto.


Reposaari, located about 10 kilometers from Yyteri, is an island that is three kilometers long and a half a kilometer wide. There is a village with a population of about 1000 people on the island. Some of the most beautiful natural sights in Reposaari are the back of the beach cliffs, whitefish beach (Siikaranta) and floodlight rocks. Other attractions include Reposaari church, which was completed in 1876, the tug boat Santtu which can be found in front of Reposaari, Reposaari bastion park and the torpedo boat S2 monument in front of the church. In Reposaari you can also find cottages floating on top of the water, they are located near the harbor. Reposaari has also lot of different kind of services, such as grocery stores, a marina for guest boats, Fish Restaurant Merimesta where they also sell fresh fish to go etc. Reposaari is also prime location for bird watching.


Pihlava is located approximately 7 kilometers away from Yyteri. The buildings consist mainly of 1970’s built apartment buildings and detached houses. From Pihlava you can find all sorts of services, which are located relatively close to each other. Among the services is a church, grocery stores, R-kiosk, pizzerias, florist shop, pharmacy, ATM, bank and post office.

leineperin ruukki

See also the historic and atmospheric Leineperi Ironworks, which was established in 1771. It is located about 40 km from Yyteri and you can find beautiful handicraft from there. The Leineperi Ironworks presents a living example of the first stages of the industrialisation in Finland. A blast furnace and a bar-iron forge are some of the attractions at the site. Blacksmithing products are made in the forge also today. The smiths’ old cottages serve as workshops of the craftspeople and artists. The Kangasniemi Museum, a workers bakery from the 1850s, serving as a cafe and a flour mill are also worth a visit. The village offers exciting experiences and various events in historic industrial mileu, such as Spring, Autumn and Christmas Markets, Antique Fairs, Metal Art Weeks and summer theatre.